• 30 and up Bath & Blow-out

    Great for in-between grooms or dogs that don't require any trimming. Nails and ears included!

  • 38 and up Mini Style

    Bath, blow-out, and brush plus a trim of the face, feet, and sanitary regions.

  • 57 and up Full Style

    Bath, blow-out, and brush plus a customized, all-over style!

  • Deshedding

    Automatically included with bath and styling services! Additional charges may apply for very heavy shedders.

  • We check anal glands with the above services. If full, we will gently try to express them. Glands that do not express with minimal pressure will be referred to a vet for expression.
  • Dematting will be done at an additional charge of $1 per minute. Not all dogs can be dematted. The pet's comfort and safety is a top priority.
  • Starting prices are for lightly coated small dogs

    Price will vary based on size, coat condition, and temperament. Sales tax not included.

The Extras & Add-ons

  • 15 Mini Spa

    Mellow Pet shampoo, moisturizing conditioner, blueberry facial, with massage, Mellow Pet aromatherapy, and nail smoothing.

  • 30 Full Spa

    Mellow Pet shampoo, moisturizing conditioner, blueberry facial, with massage, Mellow Pet aromatherapy, nail smoothing, paw moisturizing cream, and a coconut oil sugar scrub.

  • 15 and up Coconut Oil Sugar Scrub

    Massage and sugar scrub to stimulate blood flow and promote healthy skin and coat.

  • 3 Medicated Shampoo

  • 5 Pure Paws H2O Extra Moisturizing Conditioner

  • 3 Pure Paws Volumizing Booster

  • 15 and up Creative Coloring

    Semi-permenant or temporary. Pricing based on amount of coloring used and area covered.

  • 10 Nail Painting

  • 16 Nail Trim

    Walk-ins Welcome! Please text ahead on Saturdays to ensure we are open.

  • 3 Feather Extensions

  • 3 Blueberry Facial

  • 5 Toothbrusing

  • 1/min Dematting

Other Services

  • 60/hour Express Grooming Appointments

    Your pet will be groomed straight through by your stylist of choice. All appointments must be pre-booked for a 9am slot on a weekday. Most small dogs take about 1-1.5 hours, depending on coat condition, behavior, and style.

  • 65 and up One or Twice a Year Shavedown (extremely matted dogs)

  • 40 and up Puppy's First Style

    Puppes should be slowly introduced to grooming so they have a positive first experience. Your puppy will be bathed, towel-dried, and gently blow-dried. They will be introduced to our styling tools, and if tolerated, will get a light trim of the eyes, feet, and sanitary regions. Most puppies will be ready for a full style by their second appointment.

  • 60/hour Special Needs Styling

    Sometimes dogs need some extra TLC to make them as comfortable as possible. This applies to dogs with behavioral issues, very nervous dogs, or major health issues requiring a second hand. Please note that on occasion a groom may need to be completed over two or more sessions for the safety and comfort of your loved one.